Ranking duplicates the same rank without breaking sequence in Excel

Suppose you have data for students' names with their mathematics scores. Some students got same percentage so they would get the same rank. Your task is to rank them on the basis of their scores without breaking sequence.

In the example shown below, highlighted ones are the students with their same scores.

For descending rank :

In cell D3, type the following formula


For ascending rank :

In cell E3, type the following formula


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1 Response to "Ranking duplicates the same rank without breaking sequence in Excel"

  1. Hello..This is very helpful to me in ranking a range which has duplicate values. But when I copy the rank to another blank excel with values I get decimal value also ..For Ex. rank 3 showing as 3.000012 and 4 as 4.000036 aswell..how can I prevent this and get only the rank as 3 and 4 ..How to resolve it without a Round(,0)function wrapped your formula? BJ


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