SAS : Importing multiple excel files in a single dataset

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Suppose you want to import multiple excel workbooks with the same variable names from a folder into a library and then merge data from all the data sets to a single data set (table).

%macro MultImp(dir=,out=);

%let rc=%str(%'dir %")&dir.%str(\%" /A-D/B/ON%');
filename myfiles pipe %unquote(&rc);

data list;
length fname $256.;
infile myfiles truncover;
input myfiles $100.;

drop myfiles;
call execute('
  proc import dbms=xlsx out= _test
            datafile= '||fname||' replace ;
  proc append data=_test base='||out||' force; run;
  proc delete data=_test; run;
filename myfiles clear;


%MultImp(dir=C:\Users\Deepanshu Bhalla\Documents\test,out=merged);

How to use :

1. Paste the above program into SAS program editor window
2. Change the path mentioned in the last line of program (highlighted below in red)

 %MultImp(dir=C:\Users\Deepanshu Bhalla\Documents\test,out=merged);

3. Run the program
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8 Responses to "SAS : Importing multiple excel files in a single dataset"

  1. Followed as suggested above but did not get my files imported. getting below messages in log..
    WARNING: Argument 1 to function DNUM referenced by the %SYSFUNC or %QSYSFUNC macro function is out of
    NOTE: Mathematical operations could not be performed during %SYSFUNC function execution. The result
    of the operations have been set to a missing value.

    1. Thank you for letting me know the issue. I have fixed the code. It is working fine now!

  2. Great Work!!

  3. Hi, Can you update a article on basic introduction to sas macros?

  4. Please start with introduction to macros.

  5. How can we use the code when some variables may be different (or some files have some variables that others don't have).

  6. Can you update the code to only include the first 5 observations (first 5 files) in the folder and start with the second line of the excel files?


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