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In R, there is a package named mailR that allows you to send emails from R.

R Code : Send Email from R
subject="Test Email",
body="PFA the desired document",
smtp=list( = "",
port = 465, = "",
passwd = "xxxxxxxxx",
ssl = T),
attach.files="C:\\Users\\Deepanshu\\Downloads\\Nature of Expenses.xls")
You can add multiple recipients including the following code.
to = c("Recipient 1 <>", ""),
cc = c("CC Recipient <>"),
bcc = c("BCC Recipient <>")
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3 Responses to "Send Email from R"

  1. wow, it is the edge of R ("era eRa" - in Polish) :)

  2. gmail doesnt allow any non gmail app to send email.
    In my case it is not working


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