SAS : Reverse Order of Data

This tutorial explains how to reverse order of data in SAS.
Reverse order of data

Create Sample Data
data temp;
input var1 @@;
2 9 6 4 3 8

Method I : With Sorting
data temp2;
set temp;
i = _N_;
proc sort data = temp2;
by descending i;
Method II : Without Sorting
data temp2;
do i = nobs to 1 by -1;
set temp nobs = nobs point=i;

  1. The POINT= option allows us to point to and select a given observation. 
  2. The NOBS= creates and names a temporary variable whose value is usually the total number of observations in the input data set or data sets. If more than one data set is listed in the SET statement, NOBS= the total number of observations in the data sets that are listed.

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