Excel : Create Interactive Chart with List Box

This tutorial explains how to create interactive chart with List Box.
Interactive Chart with List Box

1. Prepare Data for Count and Percent
Count and Percent Data
2. Create List Box
Insert List Box

3. Right click on List Box and go to Control tab and give cell reference to Input Range (Count and Percentage) and Cell link.

Input Range - What do you want to display in List Box (Count Percentage)
Cell Link - the cell address where you do want to store value (1/2)

List Box - Cell Reference

4. Create Chart Range
Create Chart Range

5. Add Custom Format to Chart Range
[>=1] #,##0;[>0] 0%;0
If a cell value is whole number, then add number format. Otherwise, use % format.

7. Create Chart
Select chart range and then press ALT N C and select column chart.
Download Excel Chart 

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