Creating Infographics with Excel Part II

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create Infographics with Excel. Check out Part I of this series -
Creating Infographics with Excel
Infographics with Excel

1. Enter data in excel (as shown below)
Enter Data
2. Go to Insert tab and then click on Bar Chart >> 2D Bar

3. Right Click on Chart and then click on Select Data

4. Under Legend Entries (Series) box >> Add >> Under Series Values :, box, select cells where in percentages (40% 60% 70%) are entered

5. Under Horizontal Axis Labels section, click on Edit button and then select cells wherein 2012 2013 2014 values are entered.

6. Select Picture Icon and copy

7. Select Bars and right click on it >> Format Data Series >> Click on Picture >> Clipboard

8. Select 'Stack and Scale with ' section and type 0.05 in the box

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