Excel UDF : Dependent cell comment

Suppose you want to populate cell comment based on information from another cell. As a value changes, text specified in comment also changes automatically. There is no such excel function which populates cell comment. I developed a user defined function (UDF) that takes a cell reference and populates a comment.
Function Addcomment(rng As Range, str As String) As String
    If Not rng.Comment Is Nothing Then rng.Comment.Delete
    If Len(str) Then rng.Addcomment.Text str
    rng.Comment.Visible = True
End Function

How to Use :
1. Press ALT + F11 to open Visual Basic Editor
2. In visual basic editor window, Go to Insert >> Module
3. In module, add the above lines of code.
4. In main excel window, type
  =Addcomment(cell reference where you are entering this formula, cell reference of another cell )

Example :
A value is in cell B2 . In cell C2, type =Addcomment(C2,B2). 

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