Statistical Analysis Using Excel

MS Excel can be used for performing statistical analysis ranging from descriptive statistics to statistical modeling. This post describes a set of tutorials which are useful for learning Statistics using MS Excel.

In today's time, Python and R are the tools which data analysts use for building models but there are many times MS Excel would be the easiest and quickest way for statistical analysis. For example, you want to build a regression model and want to see the impact of predictors to the target variable. To do it in R and Python, you need to import data and then code for model development. In Excel it would be a click of button as raw data is generally available in CSV and Excel format.

Statistical Analysis Using Excel
  1. Install Analysis ToolPak Add-In
  2. Descriptive Statistics with Excel
  3. Frequency Distribution with Excel
  4. Normal Distribution with Excel
  5. Sample Size Calculator with Excel
  6. Correlation Matrix with Analysis ToolPak AddIn
  7. Calculating Correlation Matrix with Formula
  8. Calculating Partial Correlation Matrix with Excel VBA
  9. Calculating Partial Correlation Matrix (Formula)
  10. Check if a number is prime with Excel
  11. Generating prime numbers in an interval with Excel
  12. Counting prime numbers in an interval with Excel
  13. Calculating Intersection between curve and straight line with Excel
  14. Calculating Intersection of two linear straight lines with Excel
  15. Generating Unique Random Numbers in an interval with Excel
Predictive Modeling Using Excel
  1. Creating Logistic Regression with Excel
  2. Excel Add-In for Logistic Regression
  3. Creating ROC Curve in Excel
  4. Confusion Matrix with Excel
  5. Calculating Hosmer Lemeshow Test with Excel
Templates For Statistical Analysis
  1. Calculating Dependent Sample T Test : Excel Template
  2. Calculating Independent Two Sample T Test : Excel Template
  3. Pearson's Correlation Coefficient Formula Explained - Excel Template
  4. Calculating Simple Linear Regression - Excel Template
  5. Gain and Lift Charts - Excel Template
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