Advanced Excel Tutorials

MS Excel is the most popular tool for data analysis. It is widely used across domains and industries. Having advanced knowledge of MS Excel is an asset in the job market. You can perform a variety of analysis ranging from basic descriptive to advanced regression modeling. MS Excel is bread and butter for many professionals across industries. In finance, financial models are generally built in Excel. There are many companies which still use MS Excel for dashboarding despite existence of many online Business Intellingence and reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau etc.
Advanced Excel Tutorials

If you want to plot some data, Excel is still the quickest way to do it. There are many small and medium sized organisations which still use MS Excel for data storage as it's one of the cheapest way for storing data. If you are a novice user and want to gain intermediate and advanced knowledge of MS Excel, check out the links below. The following links describe a set of advanced excel tutorials which are useful for learning advanced formulas, productivity excel tips, excel charts, excel infographics and excel dashboard.

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