Excel VBA Tutorials

The following tutorials describe a set of Excel VBA tutorials which are useful for learning basic, intermediate and advanced excel macros.

Automation is one of the key skill organisation look for. Excel Macros are used to automate repetitive tasks and Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is the programming language used for building excel macros.

Learn VBA Programming in 4 Lessons

These four lessons help you get started with the VBA language and provide a step-by-step approach to learning it from scratch. After completion of these lessons, you will be able to build macros.

  1. Lesson 1 : Getting Started with Excel VBA
  2. Lesson 2 : Record Your First Macro And Run It
  3. Lesson 3 : Writing Your Own VBA Code - 35 Examples
  4. Lesson 4 : Playing with Dynamic Ranges in Excel
Excel VBA Tutorials
  2. Excel VBA : Select Case Statement (Alternative to IF THEN ELSE)
  3. Excel VBA : Message Box
  4. Excel VBA : FOR - NEXT LOOP
  5. Excel VBA : User Defined Functions(UDFs)
  6. Excel VBA : Worksheet Functions
  7. Excel VBA : Find Last Used Row and Last Used Column
  8. Excel VBA : How to debug a user defined function (UDF)
Excel Macros
  1. Convert Multiple Excel Files to PDF
  2. Convert Multiple PowerPoint Files into PDF with Excel VBA
  3. Filter Data Based on Drop Down Selection
  4. Filtering and Pasting Data to New Sheet
  5. Concatenate Text based on Criteria
  6. Calculating Partial Correlation Matrix with Excel VBA
  7. Excel UDF: Copy cell comment into another cell
  8. Excel UDF: Dependent cell comment
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