Excel Tutorials : Beginner to Advanced

In today's world, knowing Microsoft Excel is not a technical skillset. It is must for all the professionals. It does not matter how many years of experience you have or if you work in a public sector or corporate, Excel is used everywhere. From junior associates to CEOs of organizations, everyone uses MS Excel for day-to-day tasks.

Microsoft Excel is the widely used tool for data analysis across industries. Using MS Excel, you can perform anything from basic mathematical calculations to complex statistical regression models.

Excel Tutorials : Beginner to Advanced
Do you know the power of MS Excel?

You can automate repetitive tasks using Excel Macros by writing VBA code. It's a general saying that there are no limits to what Microsoft Excel can achieve. Data Science is emerging these days, there are many other tools like Python and R available for carrying out analysis but Excel still holds its position and is being used as a deliverable for sharing output with others. It is also considered as a cost-effective solution for data storage for companies that cannot afford expensive relational databases.

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