Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Every Data Analyst Must Know

If you fancy yourself a Excel power user, you know how valuable it is to keep your hands on the keyboard. Apart from making you work more efficiently and faster, you can also impress your friends or colleagues by being able to work without a mouse.

What Top Analysts Think About Keyboard Shortcuts?
If you can do it with a keyboard shortcut, there’s no reason to do it with your mouse.

Paste to left  : Go to the left cell and type ALT + E + I + L
Paste Up       : Go to the left cell and type ALT + E + I + U
Clear Filter    : ALT D F S

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17 Responses to "Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Every Data Analyst Must Know"
  1. seems to be useful but has to remember a lot

  2. Start with "Basic" shortcuts , then jump into a long list of "Productivity Boosting keyboard" shortcuts.

  3. Hi Deepanshu, great work done till now...but waiting for your ANOVA and Regression which are awaiting

  4. Hi All....can anyone tell How to unhide Status bar in Excel?

  5. Hi Deepanshu Bhalla, i would like to thank you for providing this site to Analysts.And we are waiting for new posts from you.so please keep updating info about Analytics.........

    Once again Thanking you....Deepanshu....Good luck

  6. Thanks a lot for this lecture

  7. think there's more about the shortcut unmentioned

  8. cntrl+Shift+L for turn off and on filters

  9. Clear filer is not Alt D F S -> it is Alt D F F

  10. Ctrl + Down = Fill down is wrong
    It is
    Ctrl + D = Fill Down

  11. Correction:
    Alt D F F = toggle filtering on/off
    Alt D F S = shows all filtered rows, without actually turning filtering off

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  13. its very helpful. Thank you so much deepanshu bhalla
    god bless you sir

  14. I think.. this.. is .. the..one .. of.. the.. amazing ..sites..now-a-days and it will stand in top..in ..couple..of.. months..
    Thank u..Deepanshu..Bhalla.....
    All the best..!......!...


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