ChatGPT: Best Excel Plugin for Excel Users

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In this post we will talk about how to use Excel Add-in for ChatGPT. This Excel add-in includes several functions for you to use ChatGPT seamlessly in MS Excel. Combining ChatGPT and Excel will improve your productivity and help you to make faster and smarter data driven decisions. This add-in is 100% free and can run on any version of MS Excel and does not even require Microsoft Office 365 license to use it.

ChatGPT Excel Add-In
Download Excel Add-in for ChatGPT

Click on the Download button below to download the ChatGPT plugin.

How to install Add-in

First thing you need to do is to make the add-in file trusted so that Microsoft does not block them from running. This security warning is not specific to this add-in. This is something you need to do with the every excel add-in you download from internet. Refer the steps below

Right-click the add-in file and select Properties. Select Unblock checkbox under security option and then click OK

Follow the steps below to install and activate add-in

  1. Open Excel and click on the File tab.
  2. Click on Options and then select Add-ins from the left-hand menu.
  3. In the Manage drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen, select Excel Add-ins and click on the Go button.
  4. Click on the Browse button and select the add-in file that you downloaded. Click on the OK button.
  5. Check the box next to ChatGPT add-in to activate it.

AI Search Engine

There are two ways to search with ChatGPT in Excel. One is through add-in button and the other through Excel function.

If you don't have API key of ChatGPT, you need to create your account here Next step is to generate API key and copy it for use it in the add-in.


Click on AIAssistant button in ChatGPT tab and select cell where your prompt(question) is entered. For example you have text "Capital city of Spain" in cell B2. You need to select cell B2 in the input box. It will ask for API Key if you use it for the first time. Make sure you have API Key of ChatGPT generated before this.

For the similar functionality, you can also AIAssistant( ) function. The benefit of using the function is that you can run it for several prompts by dragging the function down

AIAssistant(text, [word_count])
  1. text : Text you want to search in ChatGPT
  2. word_count :Optional. Specify the desired number of words for the output generated by ChatGPT

Multi-turn conversations (like chat)

To enable multi-turn conversations in the plug-in, follow these instructions - Guide: Activate Chat

Fill Missing Data

The function AIAssistant_FillData( ) uses existing data to train ChatGPT and fill incomplete data.

AIAssistant_FillData(rng_existingdata, rng_fill)
  1. rng_existingdata : Range of existing data
  2. rng_fill : Specify the range of data that needs to be filled in

Extract Key Data

By using the AIAssistant_Extractor( ) function, important information such as name, location, organizational details, and more can be extracted from ChatGPT.

AIAssistant_Extractor(prompt, keyword)
  1. prompt : Text from which you want to extract key data
  2. keyword : keyword can be name, place, organisation, number etc.

Master Excel Formulas

The AIAssistant_Explain( ) function helps you to learn any excel formula.

AIAssistant_Explain(cell_formula, [detail])
  1. cell_formula : Specify the cell that contains excel formula which you need to learn
  2. detail :Optional. Default value is TRUE. Set FALSE if you want less verbose response

Insight Generation

The AIAssistant_Insights( ) function helps you to generate insights from data. The plugin acts like an analyst and will analyze data for you. To read more about this, check out this link - Automated Data Analysis in Excel with ChatGPT

AIAssistant_Insights(rng_data, [prompt])
  1. rng_data : Specify the cells that contains data which you want to analyze.
  2. prompt : Optional. Specify the information which you want to know about the data.

Translate Text

The AIAssistant_Translator( ) function helps you to translate any text. It's like embedding the functionality of Google Translate in Excel.

AIAssistant_Translator(text, language)
  1. text : Specify the cell that contains text which you need to translate.
  2. language :Specify the cell that contains language name.

Working with Images

  • The latest ChatGPT model can handle image as an input. To use it in Excel, you can use the function -
    =AIAssistant_Image("Explain this image","C:\Downloads\myimage.png")
  • To create an image using ChatGPT in Excel, you can use the function -
    =createImage("monk in orange dress", "1024x1024")
Other Features of Add-In
  • To fix non-english letters in the plug-in, refer to this Guide: Fix Encoding Issue
  • You can update your API key by clicking on Update Key button. Similarly, you can check your existing API key by clicking on Check Key button.
  • You can improve the quality of the response of ChatGPT by changing the temperature parameter by clicking on the Fine Tune Response button. The value of this parameter lies between 0 and 2. Higher values like 1.5 will generate the output more randomly, while lower values like 0.5 generate more focused output.
Where is the API key stored in this add-in?

It is stored in your system only in the registry.

To learn more about the VBA code behind this add-in, you can follow this tutorial -
ChatGPT in Excel

Below are the ChatGPT Plugins for MS Word and PowerPoint
ChatGPT Plugin for MS Word
ChatGPT Plugin for MS PowerPoint.
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