Convert a numeric value into words using Excel Formula

Rahim Ali asked if a numeric value can be converted into words using formulas (not VBA). It was a mind-boggling challenge.  After a few hours of head scratching, I cracked the puzzle.

The following formula can convert amount one less than 1 trillion into words.

Download link : Convert values into words

Style 1 : Truncation to the next nearest integer towards 0

For example : $ 1,250.50  =   One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars

$1,250.50 is placed in cell B3.

Paste the following formula in cell C3.

Style 2 : Including two decimal places

Note : It works for a value having two decimal places. It truncates if you have a value having more than two decimal places.

For example :  $ 1,250.50  =  One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars and Fifty Cents

$1,250.50 is placed in cell B5.

Paste the following formula in cell C5.
Download link : Convert values into words

Excel Tutorials : 100 Excel Tutorials

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6 Responses to "Convert a numeric value into words using Excel Formula"
  1. want to use rupees instead of dollars

  2. Replace "dollars" with "rupees" by pressing CTRL H shortcut key. Similarly, you can replace "cents" with "paisa".

  3. how can add " ONLY " AFTER THE AMOUNT....?

  4. how can i replace the decimals with fraction?
    like "One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars and 50/100 cents"

  5. Hi
    Can you provide this formula for entering amount in crores, lakhs(Indian format).
    It will be of great help.
    Thanks in advance


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