Excel Array Formulas Examples

This tutorial explains how to use array formulas in real-world data problems.

Array Formulas
Array formulas are confirmed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter rather than simple ENTER.
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Example I

Suppose you are asked to calculate the sum of the products of column A and column B.
Array Formula Examples
=SUM((A3:A8)*(B3:B8)) is equivalent to [(A3*B3)+ (A4*B4)+....+ (A8*B8)]
Hit CTRL SHIFT ENTER to confirm =SUM((A3:A8)*(B3:B8)). If you hit it correctly, you would see the formula wrapped in curley brackets {}.
 Example II

Suppose you are asked to maximum value based on multiple criteria. The data are shown below -
Maximum Value based on Multiple Conditions
Example III

Suppose you are asked to find out the top3 scorers in a class given the students can have same score.
Array Formulas Examples

1. INDEX- MATCH looks for a value in the right column of a table and returns a value in the same row from a column you specify.

2. MATCH always return the first occurrence so we first need to create unique values in range.
See how the above formula evaluates -
B3 - ROW(B3)/10^5 = 77-(3/100000)
B4 - ROW(B4)/10^5 = 95-(4/100000)
B9 - ROW(B9)/10^5 = 85-(9/100000)

It gives us unique values -
(76.99997, 94.99996,88.99995,52.99994,94.99993,48.99992,84.99991)

Example IV

We need to extract UNIQUE names from the list.
Extract Unique List
Enter the following formula in cell C3

Example V : Sum of Digits
Sum of Digits
=SUM(MID(B3,ROW(INDIRECT("1:" & LEN(B3))),1)*1)
 The INDIRECT function returns a set of text values, in this case the values 1 through number of digits in a cell. The ROW function in turn generates a  multi-cell column array.
ROW(INDIRECT("1:" & LEN(B3)) evaluates to ROW(1:5) as the number of digits in cell B3 is 5.

Example VI : Count Uppercase and lowercase letters
Count Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
Count Uppercase letters
CHAR(ROW(INDIRECT("65:90"))) generates capital A through Z.

Count Lowercase letters
CHAR(ROW(INDIRECT("97:122"))) generates lowercase a through z.

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