Install Analysis ToolPak Add-In

Analysis ToolPak
The Analysis Toolpak add-in for Excel includes a collection of 19 data-analysis tools designed to save steps when users develop complex statistical or engineering analyses. Users provide the data and parameters for each analysis; the tool applies the appropriate statistical or engineering macro functions, and then displays the results in a same or separate worksheet or workbook. It is mainly used for these analysis : Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Regression and Correlation, Time Series Forecasting.

How to Install Analysis ToolPak

Step 1:

Click on the Excel Options located at the bottom of the windows menu

Step 2: 

Select Add–Ins option and then Click on the Go button

Step 3:

In the dialog box appeared on the screen Select Analysis ToolPak and then press OK button.

After completing the above steps , you will see Data Analysis in Data menu.

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1 Response to "Install Analysis ToolPak Add-In"
  1. At step 2, I get "eviews add-in for excel 2007" under active application add ins. Thats why I cannot install the analysis toolpack, and thats why i failed to get data analysis- how do I solve it?
    meher afroze


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