Excel : Geeky and Creative Ways to Wish

This post is dedicated to the MS Excel lovers...Flaunt your knowledge of MS Excel in your peer group with the following dragon formulas.

How to use  

Ask your peers to paste the following formulae into MS Excel and see what you mean.









Using VBA 
Open an excel workbook, Press Alt+F11 >> Insert Module >> Paste the following code

Sub Wish()
thismsg = "Wish you a very happy new year"
Application.Speech.Speak thismsg
End Sub

Note : Press Alt+F8 key , select "Wish" macro and hit Run button.
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1 Response to "Excel : Geeky and Creative Ways to Wish"
  1. Hi Deepanshu,
    Thank you for your excellent suggestions.
    One slight improvement in the VBA "application".
    Instead of pressing Alt+F8, selecting the macro and hitting Enter,
    it is much simpler to add a button on the worksheet and link the macro
    to this button.

    Best Regards and Happy New Year,
    Meni Porat


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