Creating Infographics with Excel

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create infographics with Excel.
Create Infographics with Excel

How to create Infographics with Excel

1. Type 1 in cell B2

2. Select cell B2 and Insert Bar Chart [Go to Insert tab >> Click on Bar >> Select 2D Clustered Chart]

3. Click on Bar and then select Format Data Point

4. Under 'Series Options', make Gap Width 0%
Format Data Point
5. Change the Chart Background to Light White [First Shade of White].
[ Go to Format tab >> Shape Fill]

6. Resize the height of chart so that image fits on the chart completely.

7. Copy Paste Image to Chart 10 times to cover the bar chart.

8. Align the images to chart [Select all the images >>  Go to Format tab >> Align Top]

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