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Do you want to spice up your presentation? You know the most boring aspects of presentations are the charts. If they don't look good, they can make your audience yawn. Hence, it is recommended to use correct color combination & style for preparing a chart.

It is a common misbelief that you cannot design a professional-looking chart with MS Excel. See the snapshot below.

Graphics Inspired by The Economist Magazine - Charts

Color Combination : Dark Teal, Turquoise, Sky Blue and Red

There is nothing difficult about this chart. It's a simple stacked column chart !
The only little bit tricky part about the chart is number-formatting for the horizontal axis.

   A2 =>  1/1/2009

=TEXT(A2,"yyyy") returns 2009
=TEXT(A2,"[$-407]yy" returns 09

The idea is to find out the smallest date out of the range and make it in YYYY number format. Otherwise, dates are displayed in YY number format.
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