Generating prime numbers in an interval with Excel

Suppose you are asked to find out all the prime numbers in an interval.

Suppose lower limit of a range is entered in cell C2 and upper limit in cell C3.
1. Press CTRL + F3 to open name manager
2. Click "New"
3. In "Name", type rng
4. In "Refers to: " box, enter =ROW(INDIRECT(Sheet1!$C$2&":"&Sheet1!$C$3))

5. Click OK
6. Click "New"
7. In "Name", type PRIME
8. In "Refers to: " boxenter

9.  Click OK
10. Click Close

Excel 2007 or later versions :

Select cells C5:C25, enter =IFERROR(Prime,"")

Excel 2003 or earlier versions :

Select cells C5:C25, enter =IF(ISERROR(Prime),"",Prime)

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to confirm this formula as an array formula. If done correctly, Excel will automatically place curly braces {...} around the formula.

Download the workbook

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  1. This doesn't seem to work - I'm using Excel 2016. Only the first prime in the interval is generated. Any ideas?


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