Two Sample t-test Calculator

Two sample t test measures whether the means for two groups are significantly different from each other. For example, if we try to assess if mean weight of males and females have statistically significant difference between them.
Types of T-test
  1. Independent Ttest - When the groups are independent and have no relation between them.
  2. Paired Ttest - When the groups are dependent. Paired t-test is used in 'before-after' or 'case-control' studies. For example checking average cholesterol levels of same patients before and after dose.

In the calculation below you have two options - either to enter raw data or you can enter summary information which is required to calculate two sample t-test. Under raw data tab, you can enter values separated by comma, space, tab spaces or new line.

Enter Raw Data

Paste data below from MS Excel or Notepad.

Enter Summary Data


Assumptions of Two Sample t-test

  • Scores are normally distributed within each of the two groups
  • For independent Ttest - Each score is sampled independently and randomly. Whereas Only the paired groups can be used to perform the paired test.
  • Data must be continuous
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