SAS : Importing multiple excel sheets in a single dataset

Suppose you want to import multiple excel sheets with the same variable names into a library and then merge data from all the sheets to a single data set.

How to use :

1. Paste the above program into SAS program editor window
2. Change the path mentioned in the first line of program (highlighted below in red)

libname myxl excel 'C:\Deepanshu\SAS\Excel Sheets.xls' ;

3. Run the program
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3 Responses to "SAS : Importing multiple excel sheets in a single dataset"
  1. Thanks a lot sir, Your Posts are really helping me good

  2. Hii
    can u please tell me why there is a need of concatenate ''n to memname .for eg in ur code it is like sasuser.'admit'n . and also when i run your cod i get appended data two times .


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