Free Download and Install SAS Software

SAS has recently released free SAS softwares. Anyone can access to SAS software for free and can play with data using SAS. It comes with various popular modules of SAS including base SAS, SAS STAT, data mining, operation research and econometrics etc. It supports updates of new functions and procedures and also includes latest version of SAS (SAS 9.4). Nothing can be more great than getting SAS 9.4 for free!

Two Popular Free SAS Softwares

1.  SAS University Edition

It's not restricted to college students and teachers only. It is available for everyone. Anyone can download and install it on their desktop/ laptop. It's a full version, not a trial one. It runs locally on your computer - No internet connectivity is required while running this software.

Download linkDownload Free SAS Software

2. SAS OnDemand for Academics

It's available for everyone - Individual Learners, Teachers and Students. It does not require any installation. It runs on cloud so internet access is required to use this software. It comes with various modules of SAS such as SAS Operation Research module, SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS EG), SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Credit Scoring etc which are not available in SAS University Edition.

Registration link - Access SAS for Free 

SAS University Edition SAS OnDemand for Academics
Cost Free Free
Installation Installation Required No Installation Required
Cloud Run on local machine Run on cloud so access from everywhere
Internet No Internet required to run Internet required to run
Data Size Huge data handling capability Medium
Modules Supports popular modules Supports more modules than University Edition

User Interface of SAS UE and SAS OnDemand for Academics
SAS Studio
Interface of both the softwares is similar as both runs on SAS Studio. SAS Studio has a beautiful interface which makes coding faster to write and engaging.
Steps to access SAS OnDemand for Academics
  1. Register and create your profile by visiting this link
  2. You will get an email from official SAS team with the link to activate your profile
  3. Once you click on the link, you need to write your email address and set password.
  4. Upon completion of step 3, you'll get another email with your user id and link to access SAS Studio.
Steps to download and install SAS University Edition

System Requirements

One of the following virtualization software packages:
One of the following web browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 21 or later
  • Google Chrome 27 or later

Installation Steps
Installation steps are mentioned in this PDF link - User Guide

You need to download two files. One is virtualization software package and the other one is free SAS version software -
  1. Download Oracle VirtualBox / VMware Player 6.0 and later software. Download any one of the two.
  2. Download the SAS University Edition vApp.
  3. Download link - Download Free SAS Software

Help / Support

If you face any issue(s) related to SAS University Edition or SAS OnDemand for Academics softwares, join Official SAS University Community and post your queries there.

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  1. Congratulations for your site. It's very explained.

  2. I have been following your troubleshooting protocol in installing SAS on my 32 bit OS. still telling me I don't have the right kernel. What do you suggest I do? Thanks

    1. Some computers simply do not support virtualization to run the virtual machine. check ( If your PC support virtualization then download a virtual machine (e.g.: Virtual Box) and a SAS image.Check at this link how to install in Virtual Box (

  3. In real time companies will not use this University Edition. The interface is completely different.

    1. Yep...the SAS UNIVERSITY EDITION (with SAS studio interface) intend to help people who want to learn SAS language without using pirate version. But in real time companies you need to use the full copyrighted version (SAS foundation).

  4. I just visit your sight an felt very much happy to see good stuff on SAS

  5. Getting below error while importing.

  6. Failed to import appliance C:\Users\Welcome\Downloads\unvbasicvapp__9411006__ova__en__sp0__1.ova.

    Machine settings file 'C:\Users\Welcome\VirtualBox VMs\SAS University Edition\SAS University Edition.vbox' already exists.

    Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
    Component: MachineWrap
    Interface: IMachine {f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd}

    1. goto documents and check the temp vm and delete it.
      Again reimport the SAS university edition in Virtual Box.

  7. amazing site specially who are new to this industry......

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  9. Hi
    I am Manisha. I am Mathematics and I am planning to do data analytics but I don't know about it. Please guide me..

  10. can I run the virtualization offline?

    1. You can run SAS University Edition offline.

    2. but it is not working offline

    3. Try restarting the virtual machine. If it is still not working for you, consult official SAS team

  11. Appreciated for an easy download!

  12. Hey hi Everyone can any one tell me
    1) How to integegrate sas university edition with microsoft sql server
    2) How to intergarte sas visual analytics with oracle

  13. Hi how i can download free sas software?

  14. SAS OnDemand for Academics says

    "It's available for everyone - Individual Learners, Teachers and Students. It does not require any installation. It runs on cloud so internet access is required to use this software. It comes with various modules of SAS such as SAS Operation Research module, SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS EG), SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Credit Scoring etc which are not available in SAS University Edition."
    Anyone knows where I can find SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS EG). Many thanks

  15. Hi how i can download free sas software? For my site: satta king

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  18. I would really like to master SAS for Data Analysis

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  20. Hi all....Can you send me master of SAS for Data Analysis. because i need that for analysis my data.
    Please and Tqs

  21. Extraordinary things you've generally imparted to us. Simply continue written work this sort of posts.The time which was squandered in going for educational cost now it can be utilized for studies.Thanks dpboss


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