Companies using R

R is a free programming language for data analysis, statistical modeling and visualization. It is one of the most popular tool in predictive modeling world. Its popularity is getting better day by day. In 2016 data science salary survey conducted by O'Reilly, R was ranked second in a category of programming languages for data science (SQL ranked first). In another popular KDnuggets Analytics software survey poll, R scored top rank with 49% vote. These survey polls answers the question about scope of R. If you really want to boost your career in analytics, R is the language you need to focus on.

Companies using R
If you are skeptical about the scope of R in future, this tutorial would help you clear doubts. It covers some of the great facts about R and why R is considered as the top programming language in predictive modeling and what are the companies primarily using it.

What's great about R?

1. It supports close to 10,000 free packages which adds muscle to R for data science and analysis (CRAN figure as on December 27,2016). In the graph below, we can see the growth rate of packages is very high. It implies more and more people are taking interest in R. I used CRANpackages dataset from Ecdat library to produce this graph.

R : Packages Download

2. R can perform various data analysis and data science tasks for free. To achieve the similar stuff in SAS, you need to purchase a bundle of SAS softwares and modules. See the list below -
  • Interactive Visualization with Shiny package (Equivalent SAS Product : Visual Analytics)
  • Ensemble Learning / Machine Learning (SAS Product : SAS Enterprise Miner)
  • Text / Social Media Mining (SAS Product : SAS Text Miner)
  • Optimization and Forecasting (SAS Product : SAS ETS, PROC OPTMODEL)
  • RStudio IDE (SAS Product : SAS Enterprise Guide)

3.  R is one of the highest paid IT skill and holds large share in advanced analytics software (Source : LinkedIn Skills, O'Reilly Survey).

4. Easily integrated with popular softwares such as Tableau, SQL Server etc. Last year Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics. Post acquisition, Microsoft merged enterprise version of R with SQL server, Visual Studio, PowerBI.

5. New statistical and machine learning algorithms are implemented in R much more quicker than any other statistical tool as R is the first choice of researchers.

Companies using R

The following is a list of companies using R. It's not a complete list but a sample of the actual population.
The data used here were collected from MicrosoftR blog, RStudio, Quora, Indeed job portal and other jobs consulting firms and career community websites.
Click on the link below to navigate to the desired section -

Top Tier Companies using R

The following is a list of top brands or large organizations using R.
  1. Facebook - For behavior analysis related to status updates and profile pictures.
  2. Google - For advertising effectiveness and economic forecasting.
  3. Twitter - For data visualization and semantic clustering
  4. Microsoft - Acquired Revolution R company and use it for a variety of purposes.
  5. Uber - For statistical analysis
  6. Airbnb - Scale data science.
  7. IBM - Joined R Consortium Group
  8. ANZ - For credit risk modeling
  9. HP
  10. Ford
  11. Novartis
  12. Roche
  13. New York Times - For data visualization
  14. Mckinsey
  15. BCG
  16. Bain

IT Companies using R

It includes major companies providing IT and professional services using R in India and other parts of the world.
  1. Accenture
  2. Amadeus IT Group
  3. Capgemini
  4. Cognizant
  5. CSC
  6. HCL Technologies
  7. Hexaware Technologies
  8. HP
  9. IBM
  10. IGATE
  11. Infosys
  12. Larsen & Toubro Infotech
  13. Microsoft
  14. Mindtree
  15. Mphasis
  16. NIIT Tech
  17. Oracle Financial Services Software
  18. Paytm
  19. Snapdeal
  20. R Systems Ltd
  21. Tata Consultancy Services
  22. Tech Mahindra
  23. Wipro

Analytics and Consulting Companies using R

The below list comprises of niche analytics companies as well as consulting companies providing analytics or market research services.

  1. A.T. Kearney
  2. AbsolutData
  3. AC Nielsen
  4. Accenture
  5. Bain & Company
  6. Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. Capgemini
  8. Convergytics
  9. Deloitte Consulting
  10. Evalueserve
  11. EXL
  12. EY
  13. Fractal Analytics
  14. Gartner
  15. Genpact
  16. IBM
  17. KPMG
  18. Latent View
  19. Manthan Systems
  20. McKinsey & Company
  21. Mu Sigma
  22. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  23. SIBIA Analytics
  24. Simplify360
  25. SmartCube
  26. Target
  27. The Boston Consulting Group
  28. Tiger Analytics
  29. Tower Watson
  30. WNS
  31. ZS Associate

Financial Institutions

It includes major US and European Banks, Insurance Companies and Other financial institutions using R.

  1. American Express
  2. ANZ
  3. Bank of America
  4. Barclays Bank
  5. Bazaj allianz Insurance
  6. Bharti Axa insurance
  7. Blackrock
  8. Citibank
  9. Dun &Bradstreet
  10. Fidelity
  11. HSBC
  12. JP Morgan
  13. KeyBank
  14. Lloyds Banking
  15. RBS
  16. Standard Chartered
  17. UBS
  18. Wells Fargo
  19. Goldman Sachs
  20. Morgan Stanley
  21. PNC Bank
  22. Citizens Bank
  23. Fifth Third Bank

End Notes
I tried to cover maximum of the names but i'm sure many are missed in the list. Would you mind sharing the remaining names? :)
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  1. Snapdeal and Paytm also use R for sales and marketing analytics.

  2. R is a "free programming language" not a software

    1. There is both an R language and a number of particular R programs in which R is used. For instance, there is the CRAN program as well as the MRAN program (others exist as well). So R is both a language and can be considered a program.

  3. TIBCO Spotfire has embedded a fully supported and robust version of R for Enterprise usage named TERR (TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R). A lot of the companies listed here use TIBCO's TERR Engine for running their R Scripts.

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  9. it is better works in r or sas

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    Each shape represents a machine and it is either rectangle, square or Bar.

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    TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-500008: Error in initializing data manager, TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-PRSTNC-500001: Connection to BW Agent failed.
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