Predict Functions in R

The following is a list of predict functions of predictive modeling techniques in R.

Support Vector Machine [library(e1071)]
svm.pred = predict(svm.mod, val, probability = TRUE)
Random Forest [library(randomForest)] / CART [library(rpart)]
rf.pred = predict(rf.mod,val, type="prob")

Logistic Regression [library(car)]
log.pred = predict(log.mod,val, type="response")
Conditional Inference Tree / Forest [library(party)]
ct.pred = predict(ct.mod,val)
Gradient Boosting Tree [library(gbm)]
gbm.pred = predict(gbm.mod, type = "response", n.trees)
In Caret Package, there is only one predict function i.e.  predict(log.mod,val, type="prob")
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