SAS : Reordering Variables

Suppose you have two datasets with same named variables. You want the order of the variables to be same in both the datasets.

Let's create two datasets
data abc;
input a b c;
1 3 4
2 4 5

data bac;
input b a c;
1 3 4
2 4 5
SAS Code : Reordering Variables
proc sql noprint;
select name
into :reorder
separated by ' '
from dictionary.columns
where libname="WORK" and
order by name;

data bac;
retain &reorder.;
set bac;
Note : Put library and dataset name in LIBNAME and MEMNAME (in caps) in the above code. RETAIN is used to reorder variables in a SAS dataset.

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2 Responses to "SAS : Reordering Variables"
  1. Hi Deepanshu ,
    Will you please expalain above code a bit.

    1. it is quite simple. Basically accessing metadata within dictionary.columns table where variable information is stored. He is storing the variable names in a macro variable called 'reorder' ordered by name variable separated by spaces. This macro variable will then have value something like 'a b c'. This is used in the retain statement in the final data step where dataset bac is created again from same bac dataset.


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