How to extract elements from a list in R

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In R, you can use indexing operators to access, modify, or extract elements from a list. R has main 3 indexing operators. They are as follows :

  1. [ ] always returns a list with a single element.
  2. [[ ]] returns a object of the class of item contained in the list.
  3. $ returns elements from list that have names associated with it, not necessarily same class

Examples: Extracting Elements from List

To access a specific element in a list, you can use the [ ] operator with the index of the element you want to extract. The first element has an index of 1. It returns data in the form of list.

dat <- list( str='R', vec=c(1,2,3), bool=TRUE )
a = dat["str"]

class(a) returns "list". It means "a" is a list.

b = dat[["str"]]

class(b) returns "character". It means "b" is a character vector.

c = dat$str

class(c) returns "character". It means "c" is a character vector.

Extract elements from a list in R
R Indexing Operators
Important Note
Both $ and [[ ]] works same. But it is advisable to use [[ ]] in functions and loops.

How to Extract Multiple Elements from List

You can extract multiple elements from the list using a vector of indices within the [ ] operator.

# Creating a list
my_list <- list("apple", "banana", "orange", "grape")

# Extracting elements at index 1 and 3
selected_elements <- my_list[c(1, 3)]
[1] "apple"

[1] "orange"

How to Modify Elements in a List

You can also use indexing operators to modify elements within a list.

# Creating a list
my_list <- list("apple", "banana", "orange", "grape")

# Modifying the element at index 2
my_list[2] <- "pear"
[1] "apple"

[1] "pear"

[1] "orange"

[1] "grape

How to extract a list of list

dat1 <- list(
  Bal02 = list(
    ivtable = data.frame(x=1, y=2, z=3),
    ivscore = 0.1


dat1$Bal02: This part of the code extracts the element with the name "Bal02" from the list dat1. It assumes that dat1 is a list, and within that list, there is an element named "Bal02", which is also a list.

$ivtable: After extracting the sublist "Bal02" using $Bal02, we further extract the element "ivtable" from this sublist using the $ operator. It assumes that the sublist "Bal02" contains an element named "ivtable".

You can also use the following command to extract a list of lists (sublist) in R.

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