R : Convert Data from Wide to Long Format

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This tutorial explains how to convert data from wide to long format with R programming.
R Code : Convert Data from Wide to Long
Note : Before running the code below, Install reshape2 package if not installed already.

R Code

The following program would create a sample data for demonstration.
df = read.table(text= "ID Product1 Product2 Product3 Product4
1 1 NA 1 1
2 1 1 NA 1
3 1 1 NA NA
4 1 1 1 1", header=TRUE)
The following code would turn our data from wide to long format.
x = colnames(df[,-1])
t2 <- melt(df,id.vars = "ID",measure.vars = x , variable.name="Product", value.name="value",na.rm = TRUE)
t2 = t2[order(t2$ID),]

Explanation :

  1. id.vars - additional variables to keep in the output.
  2. measure.vars - variables to be reshaped
  3. variable.name - name of variable used to store measured variable names
  4. value.name - name of variable used to store values

Note : If you do not want to remove NA values, make na.rm = TRUE to na.rm = FALSE.

Tutorial : Convert data from long to wide format
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  1. I would use tidyr for a nice clean data conversion

  2. #sample data
    household <- data.frame(county = c("Nairobi",
    subCounty = c("Dagoretti",
    Name_p1 = c("Tiana",
    Age_p1 = c(25, 16, 15, 45),

    Name_p2 = c(NA,
    Age_p2 = c(NA, 34, NA, 16))
    ##How would you convert this to long format?

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