Automatically Create Model Formula in R

The following method creates model formula in an automated fashion. In this program, df is a name of dataframe. 'admit' is a target variable. And we are building logistic regression.
names(df) <- make.names(names(df))
y <- "admit"
x <- names(df)[!names(df) %in% y]
mymodel <- as.formula(paste(y, paste(x, collapse="+"), sep="~"))
glm(mymodel, data=df, family = binomial)

Suppose you want to include all the predictors except one. 
glm(admit~.-rank, data = df, family = binomial)
Here, we are telling R to ignore variable rank while building model.

Drop more than one variable in formula
glm(admit~.-rank -gre, data = df, family = binomial)

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