Building SAS Macro Library

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This tutorial explains how to store macros in a location and call them from the location.

3 Types of Macro Library

  1. % Include
  2. Autocall Macro Facility
  3. Stored Compiled Macro

Store macros in a location and call it from the location using %Include.

%include "C:\Users\Deepanshu\Downloads\";

In the program above, the directory contains macro and %storemacroval is a name of macro.

Disadvantage : You have to mention file name of the macros.

2. AUTOCALL Macro Facility

The name of the file must be the same as the macro name. For eg. the file that contains '%storemacroval' macro must be named as ''. On the UNIX OS, the name of the file that stores the macro definition must be in all lowercase characters.

options mautolocdisplay mautosource sasautos = ("C:\Users\Deepanshu\Downloads\");

In the program above, the directory contains individual files. Each file contains one macro definition.

3. Stored Compiled Macro Facility

Step I : Storing the macro

In the macro code, add the following lines.

libname loct "C:\Users\Deepanshu\Downloads\";
options mstored sasmstore = loct;
%macro storemacroval / store source des="Description of Macro";

Step II : Using Stored Compiled Macros

libname loct "C:\Users\Deepanshu\Downloads\";
options mstored sasmstore = loct;
How to see list of all stored macros
libname loct "C:\Users\Deepanshu\Downloads\";
PROC CATALOG catalog=loct.sasmacr;
How to see list of all compiled macros
proc sql;
select * from dictionary.catalogs where memname in ('sasmacr');
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