SAS Visual Analytics : Dynamic Bar Chart

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This tutorial explains how to create a dynamic bar chart with drop down in SAS Visual Analytics. It is very easy to use drop-down list in "section" prompt area and make interactive graphs or tables. However, it is a little tricky to use drop-down outside section prompt area to filter chart(s) or table(s).

2 ways to use a drop down outside section prompt area

Simple Approach [Recommended]

1. Insert bar chart and drop down from Objects tab

2. Select the drop down

3. Add Interactions to filter bar chart based on drop down (see the image below)
Add Interaction

Hard Approach (Not Recommended)

1. Create a new parameter

Create New Parameter
2. Enter a name of the parameter and select Character under Type: box and make Current Value blank.
SAS Visual Analytics : Dynamic Dropdown

3. Select "Drop-Down list" under Containers option in Objects section.

4. Drag and drop "drop-down list" to area below section prompt

5. Select the Drop-Down and assign roles (See the image below)
SAS VA : Dynamic DropDown
6. Create a bar chart

7. Go to Filters and then click on Add Filter

8. Write a function 'Product Brand'n = 'Parameter 1'p (See the image below)
SAS Visual Analytics : Filters

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