SAS: How to create Box Plot

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In this tutorial, we will cover how to create a box plot in SAS, along with examples.

What is Box Plot?

A box plot is a graphical representation of a dataset that provides a summary of the distribution of a continuous variable. It shows first quartile (Q1), median (Q2), third quartile (Q3), and outliers (if any).

Create Box Plot in SAS

The basic syntax for creating a box plot in SAS is as follows.

proc sgplot data=dataset-name;
vbox continuous-variable;

The VBOX statement tells SAS that you want to create a vertical box plot.

The following code uses the SGPLOT procedure in SAS to create a box plot for the variable "msrp" in the "" dataset.

proc sgplot;
vbox msrp;

If you want to create a horizontal box plot, you can use the HBOX statement.

proc sgplot;
hbox msrp;
SAS: horizontal box plot

How to Create Box Plot by Categories

To create a box plot by distinct categories, you can use the CATEGORY= option in VBOX statement. The following code creates a box plot for the variable "msrp" by unique categories of the categorical variable named "type" in the "" dataset.

proc sgplot;
vbox msrp / category=type;
SAS: box plot by categories

How to Style Box Plot in SAS

  • FILLATTRS option sets the fill color of the boxes to red with a transparency of 0.5.
  • LINEATTRS option sets the color of the lines around the boxes to red.
  • WHISKERATTRS option sets the color of the whiskers (lines that extend from the boxes) to red.
  • The LABEL= option in the xaxis and yaxis statements specify the labels for the x-axis and y-axis of the plot.
proc sgplot;
vbox msrp / category=type fillattrs=(color=red transparency=0.5) LINEATTRS=(color=red) WHISKERATTRS=(color=red);
xaxis label="Car Type";
yaxis label="Retail Price";
Style Box Plot in SAS
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