Data Science

Apply artificial intelligence techniques to develop models and algorithms for making data-driven decisions

Data Products

Meet customers' needs through products fueled by data and machine learning. No software licensing cost for development.

Web Data Scraping

Extract data hidden in Web Pages and PDFs and make it useable for an informed decision making

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In web scraping there are many times you need to play with cookies to extract data from website. In web world, cookies refers to a small pie...

Zip code to latitude and longitude

This article describes how to get latitude and longitude by zip codes of all the countries across continents. It includes mapping of zip cod...

Translating Web Page while Scraping

Suppose you need to scrape data from a website after translating the web page in R and Python. In google chrome, there is an option (or func...

Learn Python for Data Science

This tutorial would help you to learn Data Science with Python by examples. It is designed for beginners who want to get started with Data ...

How to rename columns in Pandas Dataframe

In this tutorial, we will cover various methods to rename columns in pandas dataframe in Python. Renaming or changing the names of columns ...
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