5 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Infographics

Whether you're choosing paint for a room or are designing a presentation, color is the most important element. If colors are carefully chosen they can have a strong positive impact on your audience.

Color is definitely a very important element of infographics, and a great use of color schemes help to create an eye candy infographics.

Today we will show you some examples of infographics that are using beautiful and inspiring color combinations that match perfectly and create a captivating infographics.

1. Fonts & Colors
 Tasty Placement developed this cool infographic that focuses on the use of fonts and colour among the world's leading brands.

RGB Dec:
45, 45, 45
0, 179, 230
124, 184, 0
246, 79, 53
253, 213, 4
254, 137, 15
227, 228, 230


2. Retro Infographics
This retro infographics was created by 123RF.

RGB Dec:
134, 55, 47
89, 32, 38
220, 204, 191
128, 95, 88


3. Improve Google Ranking
This infographic shows how to improve google ranking of your site. It was designed by Search Engine Land.

RGB Dec:
0, 103, 138
243, 229, 182
254, 255, 253


4. Save Water
This cool infographics was created by Splashnology

RGB Dec:
78, 79, 81
8, 185, 239
231, 230, 235
255, 255, 255


5. Infographics Elements
This infographics was created by graphicriver

RGB Dec:
225, 110, 81
244, 205, 46
66, 146, 161
255, 255, 255

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4 Responses to "5 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Infographics"
  1. Very true, Deepanshu. Colour can make or break a presentation. I also like to use colour to connect related data in dashboards.

    1. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my website. A good color palette makes a good dashboard better and helps to increase interest and engagement with target audience.

  2. Very helpful article! Thank you for sharing, particularly the color codes -- they can be so hard to pinpoint!

  3. Very helpful article! Thank you for sharing, particularly the color codes -- they can be so hard to pinpoint!


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