How to Create Infographics in Powerpoint - Step by Step Guide

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It is a graphic representation of data, information and knowledge.

Purpose of Infographics
To make the data easily understandable at a glance.

Benefits of Infographics
This is an attention-getting tool. Many companies use this tool to get their blog and website a lot of attention. This can also be used to help your investors understand the reasons for merger with a company.

Want to create your own infographics but don't know how?

The templates posted on this link - Free Infographics Powerpoint Templates will help to create infographics faster.

Step 1 : What's your Story?

Before starting an infographic, ask yourself the following questions
  • What are the essential elements of your story?
  • What pictures or charts can represent your story graphically?
  • Color combination

Step 2 : Title of Your Infographic

Powerpoint Tips: 

1. How to insert a title box ?

 Go to Insert tab >> Text box.

2. How to change the style of your fonts and border of the box ?

After clicking on the text box, Format tab will appear at the rightmost side of menu bar.

Step 3 : Portray your story using shapes, cliparts, pictures etc

1. How to insert a shape ?

  Go to Insert tab >> Shapes >> Select a shape.

2. How to insert a shape that is not listed in Shapes menu ?

 Fonts like Wingdings or Webdings can be used to create custom icons and images.

For example : 
  1. Bicycle Icon : Type "b" and change the font style to Webdings, you'll see a bicycle icon in place of "b".

  2.  Victory Sign : Type "A" and change the font style to Wingdings, you'll see a victory sign in place of "A".

Use Clip Art option to insert icons and images (Go to Insert tab >> Clip Art)

3. How to create an eye catching clip art ?

Use WMF images. Why??. Because it allows you to convert them to PowerPoint objects and ungroup them. Once you ungroup them, you can delete parts that you don't want, change their color.

  1. Go to Insert> Clip Art.
  2. In the Clip Art task pane, click the " Results Should Be : " drop-down arrow and choose Clip Art. Under Clip Art, select Windows Enhanced Metafile and Windows Metafile formats (including compressed ones).
  3. Right click on the image and ungroup it twice.
  4. Select individual components and customize it.
  5. You can color them or delete some parts that you don't want.
  6. Once changes are done, regroup all the individual parts.

4. How to insert a picture ?

Go to Insert tab >> Picture.

5. How to create a custom picture ?

Combine clip art images and pictures with text boxes and charts to create a new image.

Select both the objects, right click on them and group them.

Visualize Data

1. Picturize Poll Results

-  Use people icons 

I have designed some people icons. You can download them for free. The template is posted on this link - Free Infographics Powerpoint Templates .

- Use custom shapes

2. Graphical representation of data

-  Pie charts

Pie charts are good at showing the comparative sizes of multiple objects.

- Doughnut charts

A doughnut chart functions precisely like a pie chart. The only difference is that the center is blank.

- Histograms vs. Bar graphs

Bar graphs display a relationship between variables, usually for the purpose of comparison.
Histograms use continuous data whereas the bar graphs are used to compare different categories.

Continuous data - If it is possible for the data to take on values that are fractions or decimals, it is a continuous data.

- Line charts

It is used to represent absolute or relative changes to something over a period of time.

Charting Tips

1. Custom icon for bars

Select bars, right click on it and choose Format Data Series >> Fill >>Picture >> Insert From : File >>Select a picture >> Ok

2. Change the colors of your graph

Change the colors of your graph by double clicking on each bar.

3. Choose right chart type

Step 4 : Save Powerpoint slides as PNG image file format

PowerPoint slides can be saved as .png image files.
1. Click on MS Office button
2. Choose Save As >> Other Formats
3. Select PNG Portable Network Graphics file format >> Ok

Step 5 : Resize your image with free online photo editing tool

The templates posted on this link - Free Infographics Powerpoint Templates will help you to create your infographics faster.
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