Pinterest Tips to Boost Your Business

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This post was adapted from a post created by Lakshmi Andra . We thank Lakshmi Andra for permission to adapt and distribute this post via our web site.

When the first time you land on Pinterest all you get to see is colourful images, lovely home d├ęcor, witty one-liners, and generally, a way to have fun and share pictures of the things and people that interest you with your family and friends. But have you ever thought about how it might help you boost your business?

It's now the third-largest social network behind only Facebook and Twitter. To see interesting facts about it, check out this link : Pinterest - A Powerful Marketing Tool

Here are some tips that might help you boost your business.

1. Be Real and Pretty

Let’s be honest; it is very easy to get tempted to start pinning everything that you find interesting once you start using Pinterest. But always remember, too much of anything is not good. Always make sure that you are pinning things that are relevant and always keep your target demographics in mind.

Remember, the site does not encourage blatant self promotion! Unlike normal users who pin pictures from the web, when you’re a business, you should pin your original pictures.

The best way to grab a consumer’s attention is through strong, beautiful and clear visuals. The prettier and more appealing a picture is, the more chances it has of someone re-pinning it. This increases your visibility and credibility. Don’t forget to watermark your pictures! You can however, always repin others’ content on your pinboard.

2. Create catalogs

The best way to display your products on Pinterest is by creating catalogs. You can create a catalog based upon price range, or a particular collection. For example, Victoria’s Secret’s pinboard has a wide variety of catalogues. You can choose to view pictures based upon price range, colour and more.  Don’t forget to add the ‘$’ sign when you create catalogs. By adding the ‘$’ sign you can make it easy for potential customers to buy your products through Pinterest. 

3. Promote through other channels

The fastest way to jumpstart your presence on Pinterest is to promote your presence through other channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.   When you do this, you are also enabling users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook feed for others to see. This means more eyes from other channels get access to your pictures, leading to more visibility.

4. Add the Pin-It Button to your website
Make it super easy for website visitors to share your visual content or images on Pinterest by adding a “pin It” button to your site. Just like other social media sharing buttons, this will help to expose your brand to a new audience. 

5. Run competitions

People love taking part in competitions, be it to win a coupon, money or just plain old fun!  On Pinterest, you can run competitions where the winner is someone who pins the best pictures or whoever has the most diverse Pinterest board. You can also hold a contest for the best comment on a picture.  Recently The Book Depository teamed up with Lonely Planet and held this competition where you win a trip if you can find the five most descriptive words you can think of to describe India.  (Link to the contest  :

Take the best practices shared here and start pinning content that will attract visitors back to your website. Happy Pinning!
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