Free Modern Resume Templates

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Get your resume noticed today. The following resume templates would help you to stand out from the crowd and get the job interviews you want.

Resume Template 1 - Download                          Resume Template 2 - Download

Resume Template 3 - Download                           Resume Template 4 - Download 

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  1. You can get some cool premium templates too if you are looking for a meticulous design. You don't have to waste time on alignments and such if you get a template like I did. Of course, the substance is what matters the most but presentation is also key in a very competitive market... Differentiate yourself with stuff like:


    Resume Writing For Fresher

    Resume writing for fresher is first step towards finding the right job. In today’s job market having a perfect resume is a task in itself. Generally a hiring manager receives dozens and at times hundred of resumes for a single opening. You might be the perfect fit for the profile but a simple typo error, poor format or wrong font could end up the resume in a pile of scrap.

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