List of free statistical softwares

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1. R

Download link:

It's a programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. 

2. ViSta

Download link:

It's a Visual Statistics program for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix, developed by Prof. Dr. Forrest W. Young at the University of North Carolina.

3. OpenStat (SPSS-like user interface)

Download link: OpenStat

It's a general stats package for all Windows versions (including Win 7 and Win 8) and for Linux systems (under Wine), developed by Bill Miller of Iowa State U, with a very broad range of data manipulation and analysis capabilities and an SPSS-like user interface.

4. PSPP (SPSS-like user interface)

Download link: PSPP

It's a free replacement for SPSS (although at this time it implements only a small fraction of SPSS's analyses). But it's free, and will never "expire".  It replicates the "look and feel" of SPSS very closely, and even reads native SPSS syntax and files.

5. RStudio

Download link: RStudio

It integrates the comprehensive state-of-the-art statistical package R with a superb user interface, available both as desktop application and as a browser-based server application. 


Download link: BUGS

Bayesian inference using Gibbs sampling. The most important software package for making Bayesian methods accessible to most users. Alastair Stevens, Cambridge University. 

7. MacAnova

Download link: MacAnova

It's an interactive statistical analysis program in the spirit of S for Macintosh, DOS/Windows and Unix. It performs mathematical and statistical analysis such as analysis of variance and related models, matrix algebra, time series, and to a lesser extent exploratory statistics.


Download link: PAST

It's a free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series and spatial analysis, morphometrics and stratigraphy.

9. Regress+

Download link: Regress +

It's a free nonlinear estimation / curve fitting / modeling program for Macintosh Computers, developed by Michael P.McLaughlin. It has many built in deterministic and stochastic models and allows user defined models with up to 10 parameters.

10. Smith's Statistical Package (SSP)

Download link: SSP

It's a simple, user-friendly package for Mac and Windows that can manipulate data, calculate basic summaries, prepare charts, evaluate distribution function probabilities, perform simulations, compare means & proportions, do ANOVA's, Chi Square tests, simple & multiple regressions.

11. AM Statistical Software

Download link: AM Statistical Software

It's a free software for analysing data from large-scale assessments. Developed by American Institutes for Research

12. DataPlot

Download link: DataPlot

It's a large statistical analysis and graphics package with command line and GUI. 

13. Instat + (3.36)

Download link: Instat +

It is useful for researchers mainly in climatic data analysis. Developed by Statistical Services Centre at Reading University, UK 

14. MicrOsiris

Download link: MicrOsiris

It's a comprehensive statistical and data management package for Windows.Developed by University of Michigan.

15. BrightStat

Download link: BrightStat

It's a comprehensive Java-based statistics package running on the net. The aim was to provide a freely accessible statistic tool with many capabilities, yet easy to use.

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