Free Crash Course In VBA Programming

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If you are totally new to excel macros or VBA, read the article below as it will give you the useful links that help you to get started working with excel macros or VBA in general.

This tutorial is designed for users who want to get a free crash course in excel VBA. If you don't have any experience in VBA or macros and you want to learn to program in VBA, go here!

The following is a list of lessons that i have written to help you write your first excel macro.

Next Step : Practice

If you're learning to program, you should be programming. Reading basics about VBA is essential for beginners, but without practice, that reading means nothing.

The best way to learn VBA is to keep programming macros on a regular basis.  Record Your Macro And Then Make It Efficient And Dynamic.

Next Step : Learn other topics in VBA

  1. Excel VBA : If Then Else Statement
  2. Excel VBA : Select Case Statement (Alternative to IF THEN ELSE)
  3. Excel VBA : Message Box
  4. Excel VBA : For - Next Loop
  5. Excel VBA : User Defined Functions(UDFs)
  6. Excel VBA : Worksheet Functions
  7. Excel VBA : Find Last Used Row and Last Used Column
  8. Excel VBA : How to debug a user defined function (UDF)

Google Is Your Friend !

A simple Google search about "Excel VBA" will give you the best materials or VBA code you are looking for.

Searching Tip : Include multiple key words to help narrow your search.

Join Excel Forums and Groups

The following is a list of forums and groups where you can discuss your excel VBA queries.

1. MrExcel Forum
2. VBA Express Forum
3. Excel and VBA Users (LinkedIn Group)
4. Microsoft Excel Users (LinkedIn Group)

The rest of this article provides answers to some of the most common questions new programmers have about VBA.

What are excel macros?

A macro is used to automate a task that we perform repeatedly or on a daily basis. The macros that we built in excel are called Excel Macros.

Examples :

  1. Consolidate data from multiple sheets in a single sheet
  2. Converting multiple excel workbooks into PDF files
  3. Sending an email to multiple recipients from Outlook
  4. Highlight row and column of selected cells
  5. Create PowerPoint Presentation using Excel

What is VBA?

The acronym VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is an integration of the Visual Basic with Microsoft Office applications (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Word and MS Outlook). By running VBA within the Microsoft Office applications, you can automate repetitive tasks.

Can i record my macro like video recording?

Yes, you can record your macro. Check out this link - Record Your First Macro And Run It 
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