What SAS Stands For

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In the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, SAS stood for 'Statistical Analysis System'. Currently, there is no official full form of SAS; it is simply known as SAS.

You might wonder why the SAS Institute made this change and what difference it makes. There are several theories about it. One popular one suggests that the SAS Institute now offers various analytics and business intelligence tools, so they didn't want to limit their name to just Statistics.


It is often asked in interviews, 'What does SAS stand for?' I believe it's one of the most stupid questions to assess someone's ability to program in SAS. However, interviewers ask it to see if a candidate is prepared enough and has read about the Wikipedia page of SAS Software or the 'About' section of the SAS website. The two common responses to this question that we generally receive are 'Statistical Analysis System' and 'Statistical Analysis Software'. 'Statistical Analysis Software' is the full form of SAS/STAT, which is a module within the SAS software suite.

So the next time if someone ask you this question, your answer should be 'SAS is SAS'. If interviewer has no idea about it, explain him the history of SAS name.

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    1. SAS/STAT Module refers to Statistical Analysis Software. Not SAS stands for it. Read "History" section of this official webpage of SAS- https://www.sas.com/en_in/company-information.html#

  2. What is r represented in circle while writing sas9 or sas9.4

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