SAS: How to Convert Character to Numeric Variable

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In SAS, the INPUT function is used to convert a character variable to a numeric variable. You can specify a informat within the INPUT function to control the conversion. The informat tells SAS how to interpret the data in the character variable.

Below is the syntax of INPUT function.

new_numeric_variable = input(character_variable, comma9.);
Example: Convert Character to Numeric Variable in SAS

Here we are creating a sample dataset for demonstration. The dataset consists of a character variable with length 10. The dataset name is example and the character variable name is var1.

data example;
  input var1 $10.;

data want;
set example;
var2 = input(var1, comma9.);

To confirm conversion, we can use PROC CONTENTS to check the data type and length of variable var2.

proc contents data=want;
SAS: Convert Character to Numeric Variable

As shown in the image above, var2 is a numeric variable whereas var1 is a character variable.

Note- comma9. also handles character variable having commas or dollar signs.

In order to use the same variable name after conversion, you can use DROP= option to remove the character variable. Then you can rename the new numeric variable to the old name using RENAME statement.

data want (drop = var1);
set example;
var2 = input(var1, comma9.);
rename var2=var1;
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