Data Science Jokes

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Following is a list of jokes about Data Science that would make you laugh and lighten your mood.

Data Science Jokes

Why don't data scientists trust linear regression? Because it's always trying to fit in!

Client : I don't like your analysis. The charts are way off.
Data Scientist : Is there something wrong with the math?
Client : Math is fine. It just contradicts the story I've been telling.

I have a joke about Python. My friend has a joke about R. We are debating which joke is funnier.

Why did the null hypothesis feel lonely? Because it had no friends, only rejections!

My crush must be p>.05 because I fail to reject her.

Data scientists never die. They just become non-significant.

Data science is all about spending 70% of the time preparing data and 30% of the time complaining about it.

Why was the scatter plot such a good friend to the regression line? Because it always had its back!

Two tables walk into a bar. One asks the other, "Mind if I JOIN you?"

SQL is not a true lover because it couldn't commit.

A data scientist sees a correlation between ice cream sales and divorce rate. They conclude ice cream causes divorce.

Why did the Python programmer go bankrupt? Because it had too many key-value pairs.

Why was the SQL query always lonely? Because it couldn't find a table to join!

Why did the Excel file break up with the CSV? Because it couldn't handle the comma-tment!

What did the decision tree say to the data point? "Leaf me alone!"

Correlation is like a really bad romantic relationship - just because two things seem to go together, doesn't mean they're meant for each other.

They say there's a correlation between the number of cat pictures you post online and your level of loneliness.

I tried to find a correlation between my gym membership fees and my actual visits. Turns out, the only correlation was that they were both wasting my money.

Why was the scatter plot sad? Because it couldn't find any meaningful relationship with anyone!

Why did the median avoid the outlier? Because it was too far from its comfort zone!

I made a graph of all my past relationships. It has an "ex" axis and a why axis.

My girl friend is the square root of -100. A solid 10 but also imaginary.

Hey Girl, don't worry about collinearity. I'm independent of my Xs.

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