SAS Visual Analytics : Add Column Percentage in CrossTab

This article explains how to add column percentage in crosstab in SAS Visual Analytics.

Suppose you have created a cross tab - variable1 by variable2. You want to show both frequency and count % of column total. In SAS Visual Analytics, there is no direct way to show percentage of column total in crosstab.
SAS VA : Crosstab

1. Add any measure variable that has no missing values and change aggregate of the variable to count.
Add a measure variable

2. Place your cursor to the column you have added and right click on it
Add aggregated measure

3. Select "Create and Add" and click on Percent of Subtotals.

Add caption
4. Check "Percent of Column total.

5. Remove the added column and keep the percentage column.
Final CrossTab Table

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article on how to add column percentage in crosstab in SAS Visual Analytics. You have actually saved us, beginners and gave solutions to some problems that we are having when using SAS Visual Analytics. It's great to find help and solutions to every problems we encounter and I am so glad I also found a website that I can rely on and who can help me write my essay for our school project.

  2. is there a way to add the row total also?

  3. so basically i want to create a column which shows the share of A and B from the total


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