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SAS (Statistical analysis system) is one of the most popular tool for data analysis and statistical modeling. It is one of the world's fastest and powerful software for data management, data mining, report writing, statistical analysis, business modeling, applications development and data warehousing. Knowing SAS is an asset in many job markets as it holds largest market share in terms of jobs in advanced analytics.

Let's talk straight about SAS -
  • Scope of SAS in India
  • Starting Package of a SAS Analyst in India
  • Highest Package of a SAS Expert in India
  • Number of companies using SAS in India
  • Industries where SAS jobs
  • Scope of SAS for freshers
  • Scope of SAS in future

These are the most frequently asked questions about SAS. I have collected some data to answer the questions. I will target location and industries demographics to get better insight about this topic. The data used here were collected from various job consultants, job portals, jobs and career community and research database.

Salary Report
The median entry-level salary for analytics professionals is Rs 4.5 lakhs; Rs 5.8 lakhs salary for mid-level professionals with 2-5 years of experience in analytics industry; Rs 8.8 lakhs salary for those with 5-10 years of experience and Rs 15 lakhs salary for professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

The chart below shows median and top quartile salary for analytics professional with their years of experience within the analytic industry in India. All the salary figures mentioned are in Indian Rupees (lakhs).
Scope of SAS in India

SAS Jobs by Location

I searched for jobs related to SAS that were posted on (India's No. 1 Job Search Site). In terms of number of job opportunities by location, Bangalore topped the list with 287 jobs while Mumbai being second in the list with 164 jobs.
SAS Jobs in India

SAS Jobs by Job Function
In terms of number of job opportunities by functional area, Analytics topped the list with 181 jobs while IT Software being second in the list with 179 jobs.
SAS Jobs by Industry

Scope of SAS in Future [Updated : May2016]
SAS has over 40,000 customers worldwide and holds largest market share in advanced analytics. It has been tagged 'leader' consistently in advanced analytics platform as per Gartner 2015 and 2016 reports. In finance (BFSI) industry, SAS secured No. 1 spot and used as a primary tool for data analysis. Many financial companies are still reluctant to use R/Python programming language as they have been using SAS for 30 years, and they have automated the whole process of analysis and have written millions of lines of working code. To convert all the stable reporting system from SAS to R/Python, it may cost 50-100 times more. If you think R/Python will overtake SAS in future as SAS is an expensive tool. You might be wrong. The SAS licensing fees is nothing to a bank or a drug company as they can afford it.

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        IT Companies
    Delhi NCR
        Retail Analytics
        Financial Analytics
        Telecom Analytics
        HR Analytics
        Credit Analytics


  1. Musigma
  2. Marketics or WPP
  3. Manthan Systems
  4. CrossTab
  5. Modelytics
  6. Pharmarc
  7. Amba Research
  8. Genpact and Symphony Marketing solutions
  9. Infosys
  10. Wipro
  11. Capgemini
  12. Mahindra satyam
  13. IBM
  14. Accenture
  15. HP DSAS
  16. Netapps
  17. Cisco
  18. Chainalytics
  19. Amazon
  20. Dell Analytics
  21. Fidelity
  22. HSBC Analytics
  23. Fair Isaac
  24. HLL
  25. Target
  26. Supervalu
  27. Tesco
  28. Citianalytics
  29. Towers Watson/Wattson Wyatt
  30. Bharti Axa insurance
  31. Quintiles
  32. Marketelligent
  33. Time Analytics Services
  34. Technosoft Global
  35. Pfizer
  36. SAS India
  37. Macro Tech
  38. Ness Technologies
  39. KPMG
  40. eBay
  41. Cognizant
  42. Capillary Technologies

Delhi NCR (Gurgaon/Noida/New Delhi)

  1. EXL Services / Inductis
  2. Cognizant (Market Rx)
  3. HCL
  4. Accenture
  5. American Express
  6. Dunhummby
  7. Mckinsey
  8. Towers Watson/ Wattson Wyatt
  9. Aon Hewitt
  10. KPMG
  11. Nokia Networks
  12. Airtel
  13. MTN Mobile
  14. Cognilytics Software and Consulting Pvt Ltd
  15. Aithent Technologies Pvt Ltd
  16. Allegis Services India Pvt Ltd
  17. PharmaNet/i3
  18. United Health Group
  19. Midland Credit Management
  20. Makemy Trip
  21. Blackrock
  22. TCS.
  23. Barclays Bank
  24. Fractal Analytics
  25. Smart cube
  26. Birlasoft
  27. Jaypee Group
  28. Absolutdata
  29. Vayamtech
  30. Directorate of Economics and Statistics
  31. Max New York
  32. Evalueserve


  1. CrossTab
  2. TCS
  4. General mills
  5. AC Nielsen
  6. Boston consulting
  7. Citianalytics
  8. Towers Watson/Wattsonwyat
  9. ICICI Bank/Insurane
  10. HDFC Bank/Insurance
  11. Reseve Bank of india
  12. Vodafone Telecommunications
  13. Shopperstop
  14. Reliance retail
  15. Genom
  16. Marketelligent
  17. Willis
  18. Axis Securities
  19. Gitanjali Group
  20. Reliance Capital
  21. Reliance Communications
  22. SEBI
  23. Bank of America
  24. Survik
  26. Times of India
  27. Jaypee Group
  28. Absolutdata
  29. Vayamtech
  30. Directorate of Economics and Statistics
  31. Max New York
  32. Evalueserve

  1. Latent view analytics
  2. Dexterity
  3. Irevena
  4. TCS
  5. HCL
  6. HP DSAS
  7. eBay
  8. Citibank
  9. Standard Chartered Bank
  10. Dun &Bradstreet
  11. Global Analytics Inc
  12. Milwardbrown
  13. Redpill solutions
  14. UST Global
  15. Bajaj Allianz Insurance
  16. Vodafone Telecommunications
  17. Caterpillar
  18. Accenture
  19. Cognizant
  20. Global Analytics
  21. Hexaware Technologies
  22. Scope International Pvt Ltd 
  23. ICON
  26. Ford Business Service Centre Pvt Ltd

  1. Denuosource
  2. UBS
  3. Microsoft
  4. Novartis
  5. Deloitee
  6. Reddylabs
  7. GVK

  1. Cognizant (Market Rx)
  2. ZS Associates
  3. Johndeere
  4. Syntel
  5. Nalco Water India Limited

  1. Wipro
  2. HSBC
  3. Cognizant
  4. Accenture
  5. ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd


  1. Decision Craft
  2. TCS
  3. Sardar Vallabhabhai National Institute of Technology
  4. Clear Cell India Private Limited

IT Companies 

  1. Infosys, Bangalore
  2. Capgemini,Bangalore
  3. Hexaware Technologies
  4. Cognizant- Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon
  5. TCS- Baroda, Chennai and Mumbai
  6. HCL-Gurgaon, Chennai
  7. Wipro- Kolkata, Bangalore
  8. Mahindra satyam
  9. HP India, Bangalore
  10. Accenture,Gurgaon
  11. Aithent Technologies,Gurgaon
  12. Saviance Technologies,Bangalore
  13. Oohant Software Solutions,Bangalore
  14. HCL Infosystems Ltd, Delhi NCR
  15. Cisco,Bangalore
  16. Genpact,Bangalore
  17. Netapps, Bangalore

Credit / Risk / Insurance Analytics

  1. Scope International Pvt Ltd
  2. ICICI Bank/Insurane, Mumbai
  3. HDFC Bank/Insurance, Mumbai
  4. HSBC,Kolkata
  5. EXL,Gurgaon
  6. Smart Cube,Noida
  7. KPMG
  8. Musigma
  9. Bazaj allianz Insurance,Chennai
  10. Bharti Axa insurance,Bangalore
  11. Reseve Bank of india,Mumbai
  12. SEBI,Mumbai
  13. Citibank,Mumbai
  14. Deloitte,Hyderabad
  15. JP Morgan,Mumbai
  16. Barclays Bank,Gurgaon
  17. Midland Credit Management
  18. Axis Securities
  19. Blackrock,Gurgaon
  20. Accenture
  21. Mckinsey,Gurgaon
  22. Fidelity, Bangalore
  23. American Express
  24. UBS,Hyderabad
  25. Dun &Bradstreet, Chennai
  26. Fractal Analytics
  27. Bank of America
  28. Evalueserve
  29. Boston Consulting,Mumbai
  30. Target, Bangalore

Retail Analytics

  1. Shopperstop
  2. Reliance retail
  3. Mckinsey,Gurgaon
  4. EXL,Gurgaon
  5. Smart Cube,Noida
  6. Musigma
  7. Manthan Systems
  8. Dunhumby,Gurgaon
  9. General mills, Mumbai
  10. AC Nielsen, Mumbai
  11. Tesco,Bangalore

Telecom Analytics

  1.  Reliance Communication,Mumbai
  2.  Vodafone Telecommunications, Chennai, Mumbai
  3.  Nokia Networks, Gurgaon
  4.  Airtel, Gurgaon
  5.  MTN Mobile,Gurgaon

Pharmaceuticals /Biotechnology Analytics

  1. United Health Group-Gurgaon , Noida
  2. Pharmanet/i3
  3. Novartis Healthcare,Hyderabad
  4. Quintile,Bangalore
  5. Reddylabs,Hyderabad
  6. Accenture,Chennai
  7. Cognizant,Chennai,Pune
  8. Genome
  9. Clinnovo research labs,Hyderabad
  10. Musigma
  11. Pharmarc
  12. Evalueserve
  13. HLL lifecare
  14. Supervalu, Bangalore
HR Analytics

  1. Aon Hewitt,Gurgaon
  2. Mercer,Gurgaon
  3. Tower watson,Gurgaon
  4. Accenture,Gurgaon
  5. Mckinsey,Gurgaon
  6. Boston Consulting
  7. Target, Bangalore

Web Analytics and Others

  2. (Consim info pvt ltd.), Chennai
  3. (Info edge group), Chennai,Delhi
  4. Times of india (Online Newspaper), Mumbai
  5. Make my trip, Gurgaon
  6. Nalco Water India
  7. Chainalytics, Bangalore(Operation research)
  8. Amazon, Bangalore
  9. eBay -Chennai
  10. Global Analytics Inc., Chennai
  11. UST Global, Chennai
  12. Ford Business Service Center Pvt Ltd
  13. ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely words :) It would motivate me to work harder. I can now die a happy man!

  2. Amazing article.. This is really a helpful site!! Now i know which all companies i need to target after completing my masters.

  3. Really good work bro...........

  4. Really Useful information !! you have covered info about many of tools of analytics like SAS, SPSS, Excel in this blog, Even I can find resumes of my field..Awesome job !! Thanks and keep updating :)

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. Glad you liked the site :)

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    1. Thank you for writing to me. I am glad you found my blog informative :-)
      Cheers (Y)

  9. hii , please guide me , as iahve no expereince in this field , i am 2011 passwout , want to make career in this field , please guide me from where i should start

    1. Thank you for writing to me. I would suggest you to learn basic concepts of statistics and then jump to intermediate statistical techniques such as linear regression, logistic regression, significance testing etc. After having a theoretical knowledge of these concepts, use them with SAS. Feel free to contact me if you get stuck in any of these concepts.

  10. What is the scope of SAS especially when you r fresher?

    1. In analytics, companies generally prefer professionals who have at least one year of experience in analytics field. Hence, there are a very few openings available for freshers. Most of the freshers working in analytics companies were hired from campus drive. Even if you are into different profile, I would suggest you to gain knowledge of SAS programming by practicing SAS coding in dummy datasets. This way, you will be able to crack SAS interviews and get a SAS profile.

    2. Hi Deepanshu,

      I am working in Oracle as Sales Tools Analyst. Do you think doing a course in SAS will help me to go Analytics side.

    3. It will help you get a SAS programmer or reporting analyst role. To get a core predictive modeler role, you need to learn intermediate and advanced statistical techinques such as linear regression, logistic regression, principle component analysi, k-means clustering etc.

  11. Hi Deepanshu,

    It is a good information sharing on this blog. However i am little curious to know about you background since you have such in depth knowledge?

    1. Hi Mohan,

      Thank you for stopping by. I have an academic background in economics.

  12. Hi deepanshu,

    Could you please share little insight on operation analytics. How one could get into this career.

  13. Thanks for Nice post. Software Companies in India. More

  14. Hi I live in vadodara... I have done MSc in statistics from M S University. And did course of Sas . M fresher. Where should I try for job ?

  15. Hi,
    This post has helped me get a better idea about SAS.
    I want to know whether I can learn SAS, my background is BE Comp Engg passed in 2014 and currently working as a s/w engg. After doing SAS certification how good are the opportunities for me to fetch a job as I will be a fresher to this field.

  16. Hello i am pgdm student 2013 pass out i want start my carrier with base sas programmer, so can you guide me how i will prepare and which companies hiring freshers .

  17. Hello i am pgdm student 2013 pass out i want start my carrier with base sas programmer, so can you guide me how i will prepare and which companies hiring freshers .

  18. Also can you mention a few placement consultants who work for analytics companies in Mumbai? Thanks in advance

  19. hi, im working in a private bank for the past 6yrs and now looking for a career shift in analytics. Would it be a safe bet choosing analytics with finance and banking domain in particular. if yes, please let me know the courses i should take up in SAS?
    im more interested to be Analytics Programmer

    By the way, thanks for posting valuable information.

  20. Hi,

    Many thanks for an informative review of companies using SAS in India. I just returned from a five day trip to Bangalore where I taught a five day class on Basic to Advanced SAS Programming class. I was wondering if there may be other global companies based in India who may also benefit from my hands-on class as well online support after the class.

    I am happy find out that there are many companies I can contact. I look forward to your updates.


  21. i have taken up the course hoping to get a job in bangalore...!

  22. Hi Deepanshu
    I gone through with all the comments and the way you addressed the query really helps to such guys who do not have any information about the product thanks for that
    I have one query please guide me
    I am have 8 years of experience in Banking and retail domain I want to change my technology now so is batter to go with sas or should I select some other analytical tool
    Please advise

    1. R and Python are very popular tools these days. But SAS still holds largest share in analytics industry (Above 70%). In BFSI, SAS is the primary tool and R/Python as secondary tool. SAS remains primary tool in banking and insurance domain as banks can afford SAS license and they cannot rely on open source tools as tech support is missing. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  23. plz tell me which companies hiring freshers (off campuss)..?? post-business analyst

  24. is analytics is good for fresher or there should some job experience

  25. is analytics is good for fresher or there should some job experience

  26. What are the chances of getting job in SAS with biotech background as a fresher?

  27. hi deepanshu,
    I am completed statistics passout 2012. and am completed sas.cand I have a 2 experience in data collection. I need to change my sas domain in analytics field. please give me some ideas how to enter my career.

  28. Hi Deepanshu,
    Thanks for this blog.
    I am working in Pre Sales in Web and App development company, I have 4+ Yrs of experience. Now am planning change my domain into SAS by joining SAS intermediate course. Will present experience counts?

    is SAS programmer and SAS Analyst are same?

    1. Most of the analytics companies do not consider non-SAS programming experience as relevant experience. Yes, "SAS Programmer" ," SAS Developer", "SAS Analyst" are same. Sometimes, SAS Analyst profile requires people know about statistical modeling.

  29. Really Hats off Bro.... Very Nice data collection...
    Since 5 years am working on this Technology but i did not have this much collection.

    Thanks for the Information.....

  30. Hi Deepanshu,

    Very Informative article indeed.I want to move into Analytics field.I am currently working in BFSI sector in credit department, but i just hate it.I have done pGDM and BTech before it from good institutes.How should i start to get into this field and thereafter what should i do?

  31. Hi Deepansu,
    I want to know about the scope of SAS in australia and USA. I am having a experience of 1.5 years in SAS.which companies are using SAS there.

  32. Hi Deepansu,
    I want to know about the scope of SAS in australia and USA. I am having a experience of 1.5 years in SAS.which companies are using SAS there.

    1. I don't have the exact list of companies using SAS in US and Australia. SAS holds largest market share in advanced analytics segment everywhere including US and Australia.

  33. hi Deepanshu,
    Radhika here master of pharmacy student,Thanks for such beneficial and productive information. can you please help me out about future in clinical or pharmaceutical sas career?

    1. The scope for Clinical data analysis and reporting is huge. SAS is the primary tool in pharma industry for data analysis, data management and statistical programming.

    2. Thanks for reply. Deepanshu is it enough data link which have you shared or any other book is available in market for global certification ?

    3. You can check out this link SAS Base Certification Questions and Answers

      You can also refer this book - "SAS Certification Prep Guide: Base Programming"

  34. Hey Deepanshu

    Very you have very good knowledge. I want to know that I am a physiotherapist and had stats as a subject in second year only. So would I be eligible for SAS program ?? And by Indian SAS program can we apply for overseas jobs ?

    1. Yes, you are eligible for SAS Certification. You can apply for overseas jobs as it's a global certification. SAS does not require any programming background. It's very easy to learn.

  35. Hi deepanshu,samarth here..I'm a pharmacy graduate with 6 yrs industrial experience....n I wana go for SAS..kindly giv me info abt it..

  36. Hi deepanshu,samarth here..I'm a pharmacy graduate with 6 yrs industrial experience....n I wana go for SAS..kindly giv me info abt it..

    1. SAS does not require any programming background. It's very easy to learn. You can check out the 75+ free SAS tutorials-

  37. hi deepanshu,
    I am completed B.E computer passout 2011. I have a 3years experience in Lecturership. I need to change my carrier domain in analytics field. please give me some ideas how to enter my career.

    1. You need to learn data manipulation and analysis with SAS. Check out this article -
      How to enter into analytics

  38. hi deepanshu, kumar here, I am working in Bank, it is related to different domain not related to SAS, Do you think doing a course in SAS will help me to go Analytics side.

    1. Doing a course in SAS will help you to get into Analytics but there is no guarantee. You also need to learn practical application of SAS programming.

  39. Hi Deepanshu,
    If i have a option to choose between SSIS or SAS....then what should i choose?
    please tell me in reference of jobs availability in Delhi NCR.

    Thanx a lot

    1. You should choose SAS as there are many jobs demanding SAS in Delhi NCR. SSIS is a data warehousing tool which is totally different from SAS and the type of work would also be different.

    2. is there any job of sas for fresher

  40. What is the scope of SAS now ?
    As it's 2016 , some companies are moving towards other tools .
    I'm a fresher ( fina year) and have learned base SAS.

    1. SAS is still the most popular analytics tool. The vast majority of big companies especially Banks, Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical companies still rely on SAS as their primary tool of analytics. Some companies have shifted towards R or Python but they use it as a secondary tool and continue using SAS.

  41. thanks a lot bro...for the valuable info....thanks a ton again...and can u plz tel me wat are the othr tools i shud learn to get into analytics field..

    1. The most widely used tools other than SAS in analytics industry are R, Python, SQL, Excel. If you aspire for a data science role, you should learn either R or Python. Knowing SQL would help you get a role in data insights or data management role. MS Excel is mostly used for reporting and presenting numbers.

  42. Hi,I am currently interested to switch to Data Analytics course.I have 12 years NON IT experience.I want to choose SAS from a institute to learn then go for R,Excel,VBA ,SPSS it right way to learn or guide me the proper way

  43. Hi Deepanshu,
    Thanks for the details analysis. I am currently working on functional testing and learned some of the concepts in SAS like Data Steps, Proc SQL and Macros. Can i try to search for the job with this SAS knowledge?

  44. amazing blog please maintain it regularly really luck to find a site like this.

  45. Very good article I have lots of queries in SAS scope now onwards I was very much interested to know more about this

  46. Very good article I have lots of queries in SAS scope now onwards I was very much interested to know more about this

  47. I am both Base and advanced certified, I was using SAS in academic domain for 4 years now i want to move to MNC companies, will i get an job offer, please reply n guide me

  48. This is kind of an encyclopedia of everything related to analytics in a crisp. Truely very very informative.
    This is what we all need.One word MR.Bhalla....Exellent!!

  49. Hi Deepanshu,
    Which SAS Course is good for forecasting in retail Industry??

  50. Hi Deepanshu,

    I have worked as a data analyst in an e-commerce company. But the tool i used for analysing is Excel now i want to shift to SAS. What should i do in this caree shift process. I have few more doubts in getting placed should i do certification, only then will i get a job bcoz i don have hands on experience in SAS i practised it by myself with the help of internet. What are the things can be done to get a real good job and placed soon?


  51. Hi, Can someone help me with openings for Freshers who are doing a specialized full time 2 year PGDM course in Analytics (Finance, Marketing and BA)

  52. hi am sandeep may i know any openings for sas freshers..

  53. May I also know that any entry level position for SAS fresher?

  54. Hi Deepanshu, first of all thank for assembling huge information at single blog.

    I have a Question regarding my job and future i have 2 yrs exp. as a DATA Analyst in inline inspection of pipeline. IS SAS analytical is good for me.

  55. Great site on the field of data analysis on sas

  56. is it compulsary to have international certification of sas to get a job ???

    1. It's not mandatory to have SAS Certification to get a job related to SAS.

  57. I had question regarding sas...
    I did mba in marketing is any opportunity to make carrier in SAS....??

    1. Educational background does not matter much to get into analytics. I have seen a lot of people having degree in MBA in finance and marketing and they excel in analytics industry.

  58. Hello,This is Debasis.I am Btech 2012 passout.I am doing SAS now after working for 4.5 years in core industry in completely different domain.Now i am looking for SAS job.How is the opportunity?

    1. There are a lot of opportunities for SAS programmers. Patience is the key!

  59. Hi Please let me know ....what is the present scope of SAS Analyst post.

  60. Hi Please let me know ....what is the present scope of SAS Analyst post.

  61. Hi I have completed my MSc Biotechnology let me know what are job opportunities in Biotech companies after completing SAS training.How is duration of SAS training.

  62. Hi I completed B.SC Nursing and having eight years experience in clinical side. Whether this SAS course will suit for me, with these clinical experience. I am very much interested to do clinical SAS. Whether recruiter will consider my profile after completing the course.

  63. very useful information.i really appreciated your post. thank you very much

  64. Hello every one, is it true that base SAS is removing from the companies and going to use only BI and VA

    1. It is not true at all. SAS is being used widely for data analysis, predictive modeling and BI.

  65. Hi did bpharm,now working in retail pharmacy chain.
    is there any scope after doing SAS?

    I am urgently in need of a Livestock Farm-house Supervisor and Manager who is willing to work and relocate to UNITED KINGDOM

    The contract duration is 3 years renewable with a good salary and other incentives. This job is open for both male and female candidate.

    Serious and interested candidate should forward their updated resume CV via email;( )
    for review and kindly note that you must have a valid International passport before you apply.
    Best Regards,
    chief security officer,
    Store Keeper,
    Warehouse Supervisor
    Real Estate Manager. etc.
    contact whats-app ...+447482851693

  67. Thanks for this highly informative article....I'm so glad to find this...I really needed this info...thanks again!

  68. i am new to sas and struggling to decide whether to go for sas developer or sas analyst basically i have completed base sas programing and statistical analysis with SAS like linear and logistic regression could you help me to to decide how to start my career in sas and i am frequent visitor to your site ListenData (

  69. i have completed msc in statistics & also certification in base sas so pls suggest which field is good for me in sas i also have 2 year experience in telecom pls which field can i choose for better carrier data analytics or any other

  70. Hi Deepanshu, How to start and proceed for learning SAS. Does it make sense to join the institute for learning/Certification of SAS OR self learning will do.

  71. I want to know about freshers scope?
    Is this MNC's hiring freshers

  72. Can anybody help me i am in sas and having it . what else i can add on in my carrier to earn good salary ??

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