Scoring a linear regression model with SAS

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This article explains how to score a new data in a linear regression model with SAS.

Build a linear regression model
proc reg data = crime noprint outest=estimates;
model crime = pctmetro poverty single;
Note : The  OUTEST=  option returns a data set in which estimates are stored.

Score a linear regression model
proc score data = crime_new score=estimates
out=scored type=parms;
var pctmetro poverty single;

  1. The TYPE= option tells PROC SCORE what type of data the SCORE= data set contains. In this case, specifying TYPE=PARMS tells SAS to use the parameter estimates in the Estimates data set. 
  2. The VAR statement specifies the variables to be used in computing scores. Specify independent variables to be used in computing predicted values.
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  1. Thanks for the explanation....simple and informative.
    was trying to understand this concept from longtime finally I got an idea how this step works.

  2. how can i find crime data set as csv or txt file...?

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